How To Port-Forward Through a VPS

Published on April 1, 2023

There are a lot of valid reasons for wanting to self-host on your own hardware instead of renting a server in the cloud, however doing so also comes with some drawbacks. First of all, you need to have a public IP address (static or dynamic) that you are willing to share publicly. Furthermore, most e-mail providers reject e-mails coming from mail servers with a residential IP address with no reverse DNS record, and your ISP might be blocking port 25, so if you’d like to host a mail server, you’ll most likely need to get a business line.

Hello World

Published on April 1, 2022

I have finally set up my website. I’ve been planning and wanting to do it since ages, you can easily tell this by looking up when I registered the domain name. It’s in no way final or complete, but I’m still very happy that it’s finally up now. The Tech Stack One of my criteria for making and running the website is self-hosting. I am self-hosting every component of the site, which means I have full control over my setup, and I don’t have to give the privacy of my visitors and myself to big tech.