You may contact me via e-mail at any point by using the appropriate e-mail address of mine:

For general inquiries, questions and feedback:
For business inquiries:
For all legal inquireies except data ownership / privacy-related:
For data ownership / privacy-related inquiries:

Regardless of which of my addresses you send e-mail to, it might be a good idea to encrypt the e-mails with my public key.

Please don’t send any promotional content, I’m not interested in spam and newsletters.

Social Media

I’m most active on Mastodon, my preferred social media platform, but you can also find me on Twitter.

I also have a YouTube channel where I currently don’t have anything uploaded, however you may subscribe if you’re interested in the same kind of content that can be found on this site, as I may decide to release videos there in the future.

If a social media account not listed either on this site or my Keybase account looks like is mine or is claming to be me, chances are it’s not mine. Take anything they post with a grain of salt.