Privacy Policy

This privacy policy provides an overview of the type of data this website collects and how it’s being used.

Key Definitions

The terms “service”, “services” and “website” may be used interchangably in this document, however all of them are used to refer to the websites and applications hosted on the domain and all of its subdomains that don’t include a separate privacy policy page.

The terms “you”, “the visitor”, “the user” and “the end-user” may be used interchangably in this document, however all of them are used to refer to the person or people using the our services.

The terms “we” and “us” in this document are used to refer to all businesses or individuals that may have access to the end-user’s collected and/or stored data.

Data Collection

IP addresses: We do not keep permament logs of the IP address of visitors, unless the visitor has been found utilizing our services with a malicious intent, such as targeting our servers with DDOS or brute-force attacks, however we may temporarly retain such information in our server logs.

Cookies: We may store information in the visitor’s browser, in the form of “browser cookies”. These cookies are used solely and exclusively for technical and functional purposes, we do NOT use cookies for marketing, tracking and/or advertising purposes, and we do not use any third-party cookies.

Analytics: We host a local installation of the open-source analytics software Matomo, which we may use to collect fully anonymized and/or non-personally identifiable information. This information is used solely and entirely for statistical purposes, we do NOT sell or use this data for marketing, tracking and/or advertising purposes. The user may entirely opt out of analytics here or by enabling the ‘Do Not Track’ feature included with most browsers.

Account-related information: Our services may have optional and additional functionality that require the user to sign up. Registration may be possible by using either an e-mail or a social media account. We do not require you to provide any accurate or personal information, and you may and are advised to sign up and use the services by providing non-personally identifiable information, such as a nickname or alias, however we may indefinitely store account-related information. Some of this information may be publicly visible to other users.

User-generated content: In some cases, users may optionally, by their own will, upload content that will be publicly visible on our website. You are not required nor advised to input any personally identifiable information in such cases, but you fully consent to us storing, using and making this information publicly accessible to other users, and you are responsible for your submitted content.

Data Usage

We use personal information solely and entirely for technical and functional purposes.

E-mail addresses may be used to send the user notifications of activities or discussions the user was engadged in, or that the user explicitely signed up for. The end-user may at any time unsubscribe from such e-mails.

Data Discloure

We do NOT sell or share any personally identifiable information with third parties for any purpose, except if we are required to disclose such information by law.

The User’s Rights

The end-user has the right to request a download with all of their personal data stored by us, and/or the complete deletion of such information from our servers. If you’d like to make such a request, please head over to the Contact page.

In case we are aware of a data breach affecting any of our services, we will notify all end-users who have been affected by the breach.

Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time without notifying the end-users. You are advised to periodically check this page to see if any changes have been made to it.

This privacy policy was last updated on April 1, 2022.